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The Basics of SiriusXM

SiriusXM is a great deal for its low monthly price, though the process of equipping a car that doesn’t come with access to the product does make the process a bit more cumbersome than it would need to be in that scenario. Still, not having a vehicle automatically equipped for the product does not completely take away from the value of a SiriusXM subscription since there are different platforms and ways to enjoy the channels that are offered by the company. Overall, for the low price of those subscriptions and the vastness of listening opportunities, this is one product that could prove worth the investment, particularly if you’re on the go enough to use the wider range of channels, so if you’re a traveler, definitely look into getting this service!



 ..."Combining live radio and traditional streaming audio services elements, SiriusXM Internet Radio boasts the features and content to keep music, news, and comedy fans happy for a long time to come."

   ..." The streaming is flawless and lots of great content. I give Prime 5 stars and I will be keeping it. But I also want live TV, College football games, and cable news shows. For that I will be keeping  Hulu    because the user interface and user experience is far better than the other 3 streaming services I've tried." 




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