Best Smart Locks

We all want to feel safe and calm when we go out and while we are inside our homes. In this sense, in recent years many innovations have appeared in smart homes that try to increase security against thieves and burglars.

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We all want to feel safe and calm when we go out and while we are inside our homes. In this sense, in recent years many innovations have appeared in smart homes that try to increase security against thieves and burglars.

The clearest example is that of smart locks. They lack keys and open or close the door using fingerprint readers, coded keypads, electromagnetic cards, or remote controls. They can even be controlled comfortably via mobile phones thanks to specific applications and Bluetooth technology.

This article features the best smart locks available in the market. These locks were selected based on a series of research as well as reviews from customers. Below are 5 of the best smart locks you can find in the market.

1. Ultraloq UL3 BT: the smart lock with inexpensive digicode

This lock is easily installed on any type of door, without needing to call an expert. With a code, it is cheap for the level of security it offers. Add that to a biometric lock with a fingerprint reader to scan your finger for even more security. In addition, this connected lock can be locked/unlocked via your smartphone or tablet from a dedicated application.

It works with 3 AA batteries. Its battery life reaches up to a full year, or nearly 8000 uses of the lock before exhausting its battery. The design is very professional and at the same time, very aesthetic. It can act as an element of deterrence of a possible burglar.


  • Features a digital code
  • Offers a fingerprint reader
  • Great value for the price


  • Batteries need to be changed every year
  • Works poorly in cold weather

2. Nuki Smart Lock 2.0: The simple but effective connected lock

Nuki is a start-up that looks to make a connected lock that is simple to install and adaptable to all cylinders. Successful bet for the Austrian brand which has succeeded in offering an affordable connected solution for individuals. The Nuki Smart Lock can therefore be placed on any American, European, or French door cylinder.

The box is installed on the side of the door that is in your home. All it takes is a screwdriver, a few screws, and less than 15 minutes to get everything ready for use. Adaptive boxes are supplied by the manufacturer to adapt to the width of any cylinder. On the outside of the door, you can’t see anything, you can’t tell that your door is connected. Practical and discreet with an excellent quality/price ratio, this innovative lock is a very good surprise that we recommend to you.


  • Ease use of the application
  • Good value for money
  • Discreet lock system


  • No fingerprint sensor
  • The device appears bulky

3. August Smart Lock Pro: the best-connected lock of the moment

We continue this comparison with the August brand to present this smart lock with a rounded silver or dark gray design. Many house owners have the anxiety of losing their keys. It’s a thing of the past with the August Smart Lock Pro. With DoorSense technology, you know from the app at any time whether your door is properly locked or not. Receive live notifications from who just opened your door and when. It comes with an operating app that offers many possibilities.

One-touch on your iOS / Android smartphone screen or your Apple Watch is enough to lock or unlock the door. Unlike the August Smart Lock, this one is sold directly with its Wi-Fi connector. You can manage your lock from anywhere in your home as it works with Amazon’s Google Alexa Assistant and Siri. In addition to that, its compatibility with Z-Wave Plus allows it to be connected to the rest of the connected objects in the house. Installing this lock is easy, no need to be a DIY wizard.


  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Comes with an intuitive application
  • Z-Wave Plus and Apple HomeKit compatibility


  • Must use Wi-Fi through a connector
  • Requires frequent updates

4. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock: New for 2020 with Integrated WiFi from August

Announced at CES 2020, this is a new arrival in the range of August smart locks. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has it all.

Starting with the design, August kept the brand’s well-recognizable sleek round shape with some improvements on the width side of the device: 45% smaller and 20% thinner. This time Wi-Fi is included in the device, no need for an independent connector.

You can fully control the locking or unlocking of your front door with a simple voice command. Manage access even from the end of the world thanks to the app. The smart lock automatically locks your entrance after 30 minutes of inactivity, which will save you a lot of stress. Finally, August emphasized the safety of its equipment, which we can only salute. Smart alerts allow you to be continuously informed of the status of your door and its activity. If by misfortune you lose your smartphone, it is possible to deactivate the keys via a website provided.


  • Comes with an Auto-lock system
  • Features Voice command
  • Easy connection to wifi


  • No Z-Wave compatibility
  • Short battery life

5. Somfy Door Keeper

A leading brand recognized for its home automation devices, Somfy took advantage of CES 2020 to present its new connected lock. The lock is fitted with an intrusion detector, which has a sensor that detects unknown vibrations. Limited-time access codes will be set up for Airbnb hosts or employees, for example. To reassure buyers who are still skeptical, Somfy’s connected lock keeps the features of its previous predecessors.

The Somfy Door Keeper lock works with a parallel application (Somfy Keys) which makes it possible to check that the door is properly closed, to lock it remotely, or to set up access codes for a limited period. It works with a removable battery and rechargeable via USB-C. This device has a battery life reaching up to one year.


  • Improved security
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Features a parallel application


  • A bit expensive
  • No biometric scanner

Buyer’s Guide

Based on the opinions on smart locks that we’ve analyzed, here are the purchase factors to consider to find the best smart lock for you:

Design .

It should fit the style of your door. There are small and large electronic locks, with straight handles or round knobs, etc. Each brand of smart locks have their unique designs that make them stand out from the rest. Choose a design that not only appeals to you, but suits the style and design of your doors as well.

Ease of installation.

The best electronic locks can be easily installed by any user. If they are too complex, you will need to hire the services of a locksmith and the price will go up significantly.

Battery .

These devices generally run on 2 or 3 AA batteries or a USB rechargeable battery. Any of these systems can offer an autonomy of more than 1 year. The really important thing is that it has an alarm system that alerts you if its power source is running low.

Additional functions.

There are special electronic locks that can be controlled remotely via mobile apps and via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. This allows remote blocking, denying access to a specific user or key, etc.

Opening system.

It can be by fingerprint, access code, mobile application, Bluetooth, or magnetic key. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you or, better still, buy an electric lock that offers several systems for greater security.

Warranty .

At a minimum, the manufacturer must offer 2 years on them. Also, you should have a good after-sales service in case you have any problems. Check the opinions of users in this regard before opting for a specific offer on electric locks.

Price of the smart locks.

It depends. A cheap invisible electric lock can cost between $35 and $70. On the other hand, an electronic model with several opening systems, a touch keyboard, and the possibility of configuring dozens of profiles, can exceed $ 300. Although, as we have seen in this comparison, there are many intermediate options.


From the reviews above, we can see that choosing the best smart lock is not as difficult as you may have thought. Despite their varying designs, these smart locks offer the best quality in terms of security, affordability, and durability. Take your time, select the smart lock that is right for you and enjoy security at its best.

Written exclusively for our company by   Jacob Uzoma