15 Clever Ways To Use Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are such a lifesaver! I believe they are accorded less credit for their diversity, and this primarily boils down to the fact that we only make use of this device whenever we need to remove lint or foreign materials from our fabrics.

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Lint rollers are such a lifesaver! I believe they are accorded less credit for their diversity, and this primarily boils down to the fact that we only make use of this device whenever we need to remove lint or foreign materials from our fabrics. Why focus on a single function when this same device can help you solve loads of problems?  Before we get into the various ways to maximize lint rollers, do you have an idea of what they are?

What is a Lint Roller?

A lint roller (also known as a lint remover) is a device designed to remove lint, dust, or strange materials from fabrics, furniture, pets, etc. For description sake, this device consists of a band of sticky sheets (paper) fixed on a central spindle and a handle for easy navigation.

Like I mentioned earlier, lint rollers are not tied down to just one or two specific functions. I discovered this recently and would like to share with you 15 mind-blowing ways to get the best out of the versatile tool.

Perfect for Pet Hair Removal

Pets love to be around their owners, and because we love them, we give room for a degree of movement within the home. Whether you own a fluffy per or not, it is quite understandable to find strands of their hair on every surface this pet comes in contact with. A lint roller helps in the removal of these strands from rugs, furniture, car seats. You can also use this roller on your pet. Hence, reducing how much hair ends up all over surfaces.

Tidy Up Glitters

It is close to impossible not to welcome glitters into our homes. Since we mostly find ourselves in this situation, owning a lint roller cannot be overemphasized. It helps to completely get rid of flakes of glitters hidden in rugs or stuck on tiles.

Rid Lampshades of Dust

Before I discovered how perfect a lint roller is for dusting lampshades, I clean them with my hands. I had to unlearn that idea, and so can you. When next you notice dirt hanging around your lampshades, get rid of them quickly and effectively with a lint remover. All you need to do is to carefully remove the shade from its base and move your roller around it. With this new hack, you can forever say your goodbyes to worries over luminance obstruction.

Keep Car Seats Clean

Your kids or pet would readily render the trunk, seats, mirrors, rugs of your car untidy with crumbs. With a lint roller, you can easily clean any of the affected areas without breaking a sweat. In other words, having a lint roller stashed in your car always takes you a step ahead of any eventualities.

Dust Roll Pillows

Roll pillows with cool colors such as white, black, blue, reveal fabric stains or foreign materials quickly. To avoid washing at all time, lint removers are the ideal candidate to remove dust and keep these pillows fresh!

Keep Sheets Clean

Not everyone can go through the stress of washing his or her sheet at all times. Sometimes, all that is needed is to run a lint roller over them to pick up dust, dirt, and other particles required to keep them as neat and crisp as possible. You get to save time and energy too.

Get Rid of Broken Bottle

A lint remover completes the sequence of cleaning in an area with broken glass particles. This is after you are done sweeping the prominent and visible particles. Not only will it get rid of all traces of tiny glass particles, but it also ensures your home is 100% safe. For more effectiveness, your choice of the roller must be very sticky.

Eradicate Bugs

Bugs are the last thing we want creeping in our home. Many, including myself, cannot stand the sight of bugs. However, things are different now for me and can be for you too if you follow my lead. To effectively banish bugs, you need to find their hiding place. Once that is done, zip your lint remover over the area to capture them. This hand-free method allows you to capture and dispose of bugs easily.

Clean a Paint Roller

Washing a paint roller before and after usage is a practice everyone should imbibe. Nevertheless, after proper washing and draining, stubborn debris (mostly in the form of fibres) might remain stuck with these rollers. A lint remover thoroughly runs through the paint roller itself and rids it of debris by attracting it to its sticky bands. This way, you can be sure of a flawless painting exercise. Please note that you must do this before and after usage.

Zip Stuffed Animal

Similar to throw pillows, stuffed animals do not enjoy the luxury of regular washing, as should be the case. This is because one minute they are neat, the next minute they look ruffled. Instead of washing at every instance, zip your lint roller over the surface of these animals. No other temporary measure would do a better job.

Clean Out Drawer

Do you know your lint roller has a role to play even in its ideal storage, the drawer? Whenever it is that of the year, and you need to clean your drawer(s), sorting the large files comes first. Once that is done, allow your lint roller to complete the process. Whipping or dusting with fabrics are not as effective and consumes more energy than rollers.

Remove Stubborn Pocket Remnant

We all know of them, don’t we? At some point in my life, I got used to the fact that it is one of those issues with no solution yet. Now, I don’t have that problem anymore. All you need to do is deep justle the remover over the region.

Clean Home Electronics

Electronics such as piano, game console, and controller, just to name a few, sometimes need deep cleaning. This is usually the case if you keep getting the feeling that something is stuck between the keypads of these gadgets. Get a fresh sheet from your roller and carefully stick it between the keys to eradicate such obstruction.

Brush Phone and Tablets

A series of must events occur before you can apply a screen protector on your phone, tablet, or laptop. The use of a lint remover all over the phone screen to get rid of stubborn and microscopic materials is the final process. Once that is done, it is safe to place the protector on the screen.

Clean Bathroom Rugs

Lint rollers are a great alternative to clean your rugs, especially when you do not have a vacuum cleaner at your disposal. Bathroom rugs get dirty quickly and can prove challenging to wash. Lint removers keep them in shape a little longer before washing is needed.


Lint rollers come in many types and sizes. The most common and budget-friendly types are the sticky version. Whichever type you own or choose, I am sure you agree with me that this tool deserves to be stashed in every home, car, offices, etc.

Written exclusively for our company by Jacob Uzoma